Johann Sebastian Bach
Frédéric Chopin live music by Meelton
classical music by Meelton

Does a live cover band play classical music?

Well, it's no surprise, since 80% of the band's musicians are ZhdK graduating students! Yes, we play classical music and love it. We are always to trying to add some new sound forms and modern colors to make it more attractive for larger audience while retaining its original classical content. If you find it interesting, we could be the band you are looking for, for all your special occasions: weddings, family get-togethers, friends' parties or corporate events.

As well as playing in the band, most of our musicians also perform in classic concert halls.

Chopin Prelude in E minor

Chopin Prelude. In conjunction with vintage classical harmonies and modern electronic sounds, you might enjoy this as much as our lighter music.