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Here we are, and we are here for you!

We love you and we'd love to provide anything we can to help bring joy and happiness to your memorable events--or just some Saturday evenings you'd like to make more exciting

How do we do this?

It's simple, we just play the music that you love. It doesn't matter how old you are, or which generation you belong to.

We love our 18 year old listeners who are addicted to electronic DJ sound machines, and we also love those who forget their age and celebrate their 50th, 60th or even 70th birthdays by dancing to the sounds of 60s' rock guitars or 70s' disco!

Who we are

We are a band, where 50% are Rockers and 50% are Classical Musicians!


Graduates of Zurich University of the Arts(ZhdK)


We absolutely love our audience


What do we offer

We offer your choice of music in live performances for your family and friends or at corporate events.

In addition, we add small, nonmusical entertainment elements to the program, such as humorous sketches. We do all of this to leave you with a positive and lasting memory of your event.

Why us

There are many good bands around, so why us? It’s all a matter of the taste, and we would love to be your band of choice.

We would love to perform your favorite song even though it might not be in our repertoire, because all that matters is for you to have favorite music at your event: weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties or corporate events.

Where, when and how much

Where? Of course, wherever you are. We will come to you, no matter how far that is.

When? Naturally, at the time you stipulate. In fact, we always arrive much earlier, before the party starts. We like to hide the all stage preparations away from the eyes of your guests. We are usually ready on stage at 16:00 for an event or gig that starts at 21:00.

We are musicians with a wide experience of live gigs, and we know how to keep our clients happy before and during the performance.

Finally, how much is it? The answer depends on many factors - see the list on this page here. Please ask for a quote and we will get back to you quickly. To do this, please click here.

live band wedding band Meelton

"The Meelton" - Live Band from Zurich

Live in rhythm, move in rhythm, dance with us - creating a great mood for your party is our job.

Meelton's Music - What is more important than love? No matter who you are and no matter who you will be, love is always with you. Whatever kind of love it might be - love with another person, love for your hobby or profession, love for your country - everyone has their own. However, all of us share one love, love with no borders, no jealousy, no strings attached. It is the love of music. If you agree and you love music, live music, live band then let's get together.

Postal Address

 Band "The Meelton"
 CH-8311, Bruetten, canton Zurich
 +41 (76) 339 20 59

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