Mila plays oboe in a club
Live band with clubhouse and classic mix
Vasilisa combines keyboard with house live

Live band in a club?

Club music is DJ’s music. So what is a live band doing in a club?

Well, you are a DJ. I am a DJ. Today, everyone can be a DJ. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need a little something more. Moreover, there is a common misconception that says DJs and musicians are incompatible. Some people even think that the DJ is a great rival to live musicians. "The Meelton" Live Band disagrees.

We believe that a DJ and a live band can work together as friends not as competitors. A DJ presses the play button, music comes out, and it can provide great inspiration for live musicians. It also requires today’s electronic music to sound more like live music. Don't believe it? Book our band as a DJ, a duet, or even as a trio or quartet. You might find something new for you and your club.

House Soul

Aufgehomen von Live Radio performance am Radio Kanal K.

House Soul

This is an example of the club music that we write and perform. If you enjoy this music, your club's audience might just enjoy it as well.